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Best Auto Locksmith in Louisville

Lost your car keys? Looking for a top-class locksmith who specialises in automobiles? Look no further! Michael Roadside is an auto locksmith can get you back into your car or make you a spare set of keys in no time. We are located in Louisville and we can provide multiple services to suit your needs. We replace and fit locks, programme car keys, fix damaged keys, and more. Contact us today via the form below to get that auto locksmith service you have been looking for.

Professional service by tyre experts

Before your tyres meet the road, you need to be sure they have been looked over and installed by a professional. Our team is composed of well-trained technicians whose competencies are beyond reproach. Our team goes out of their way to get you back on the road with a smile. Our rigorous training programme is our way of equipping the team with both technical and customer care skills from their first day on the job onward, with regular supplementary training on an ongoing basis.


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